Photo by  Frank Ishman .

Photo by Frank Ishman.

Lauren has always been a fierce advocate with a voice that has always carried. She grew up in Northwest, Indiana, as one of four children to her parents, Jeffrey and Yolonda. Protesting and activism has always come naturally.

In kindergarten, she protested wearing a skirt as part of her school uniform and was the first girl permitted to wear dress pants instead. In fourth grade, she successfully convinced her teacher to let her audition for the part of President Abraham Lincoln in the school play. Much to her dismay, she was eventually cast as Ma Lincoln. In college, Lauren organized pro choice and participated in LGBTQ rallies on Purdue University’s conservative campus.

After graduating from Purdue University with a double major in English Education and Theater, Lauren moved to Chicago to pursue a career in Arts Education. Her work in CPS classrooms across the city has given her a front row seat at some of Chicago’s greatest inequities.

Lauren lives, works, and volunteers in Albany Park. She currently is an Executive Committee Member and Vice President of Education with the North River Commission, the LSC Community Representative at Albany Park Multicultural Academy, the Chair of the Friends of Roosevelt High School, and a member of the West River Park Neighbors. Lauren was also a member of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Arts and Culture transition committee where she advocated for the abolishment of unpaid internship programs at Chicago’s major cultural institutions.

Lauren currently lives in Albany Park with her partner, Erin, and 13-year old cat, Wiegel.