Community Involvement in Albany Park

Committed to supporting education and community development in Albany Park, Lauren proudly sits on the North River Commission (NRC) Board of Directors and serves as the Vice President of Education and as a member of the Executive Committee. Although Lauren is committed to the NRC’s different program areas, she is most involved with the Education Committee.

The NRC Commission Education Committee exists to support and strengthen the network of school's on Chicago's northwest side. 

This is accomplished by:

  • executing marketing and branding campaigns that change the narrative about our schools

  • building relationships between schools and local arts organizations

  • championing and lifting the student voice in our community through the 33rd Ward Youth Council

Lauren is the creator of the #FiveFastFacts campaign, a social media campaign that seeks to increase student enrollment, promote vertical integration, and combat negative stereotypes. Learn more here.

Lauren is a founding member and the Chair of the Friends of Roosevelt High School. Since its founding in May 2018, the Friends of Roosevelt High School has already raised over $5,500 to benefit the students, teachers, staff, and leadership at Roosevelt High School. Under Lauren’s leadership, they have hosted several community-wide cultivation events and the first-ever Roosevelt Rising fundraiser. Hosted in the library at Roosevelt High School, Roosevelt Rising celebrated the past, present, and future of Roosevelt High School.

Lauren represents Albany Park Multicultural Academy as a community member of their Local School Council, and is a member of Albany Park Neighbors and West River Park Neighbors.

Please view the Community section for a full scope of Lauren's activities.