Community Involvement 

I moved to Albany Park in June 2016 and signed a one-year lease. With graduate school applications filling my spare time, I only imagined spending a year in Albany Park. By Fall 2017, I expected to be buying text books again. 

Later that summer, 2nd Story, where I worked as the Managing Director, established plans to move to Albany Park and occupy one of the storefront spaces at Lawrence Ave. and Sacramento Ave. Albany Park embodied 2nd Story's Core Values of Craft, Courage, and Inclusion. Many of 2nd Story's company members lived in Albany Park and we spent months cultivating authentic relationships with community stakeholders. It was the perfect location for 2nd Story's move from a tucked-away office to a beautiful storefront. Even still, my residency in Albany Park felt temporary.

Then, November 2016 happened, and my world shifted and all future plans changed.

I decided to pause all graduate school plans and double down on my commitment to education and community building. All of my energy and spare time was re-focused to serve my community the best way I know how: by listening first and doing second.

Since then I have been busy. Follow the links below for an in-depth look at what I’ve been up to.